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Statue in the making

From Clay to Bronze

The transformation of an idea, a sketch, a wax maquette, a clay structure, and then scattered segments of rubber and resin mould into what has been described as “a warm statue”, a bronze sculpture that conveys the unbreakable bond between Arkle and Pat Taaffe, is something that can only be delivered by a true artist. In this case Emma MacDermott has done what perhaps no other sculptor could ever manage and here we will trace the journey, step by step.

The Foundry

Bronze Art Foundry in Dublin’s Gaelic Street has been home to the statue for many months now as the rubber and resin mould, which arrived in more than a dozen pieces, painstakingly became an exact bronze replica of Arkle and Pat Taaffe.

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Arkle – The story of the World’s Greatest Steeplechaser

50th Anniversary Edition Arkle The Story of the World’s Greatest Steeplechaser By Sean Magee   “An affectionate but clear-headed portrait of a legend” Daily Telegraph   This revised and updated edition of Sean Magee’s acclaimed celebration of ‘Himself’ is published to mark the 50th anniversary of ‘The day Arkle became a god’. TEN THINGS THAT […]

An Arkle Cocktail!

Look at this for a cool email from Raymond Hunt at the Londonderry Arms Hotel. The “Arkle Cocktail”, whatever next?! “We in the historic Londonderry Arms Hotel, in the picturesque Harbour Village of Carnlough,in the beautiful Glens of Antrim ( think and speak of Arkle every day! Why? Because the hotel boasts an Arkle Bar […]

Stories of Arkle

  • August 24, 2013
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Anyone who has ever chatted with Paddy Woods will know that he has countless stories and can tell them well. Get him together with Arkle’s groom Johnny Lumley and the gaps are all filled in. We spent a great hour or so at the LMFM studios in February 2013 for Gerry Kelly’s Late Lunch show […]

Alison’s Official Inspection

The man from Delmonte says YES! Or in our case Alison Baker. Alison’s mother, Mary, bred Arkle and since then Alison has been Arkle’s biggest fan. Her visit was THE true test and we passed with flying colours. “The first warm statue I’ve ever seen” is how Alison described it. She was blown away by the likeness and how close […]


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