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“We were blessed to have worked with an amazing bunch of people from the arkle memorial committee, themselves and the artist Emma Mc Dermott made our lives easy.This was an amazing project to be apart of and a real pleasure to work on.We at Bronze Art hope that everybody is proud of this magnificent sculpture which in our opinion is one of the finest horse sculptures in Ireland.” David , Bronze Art Foundry.

Arkle Statue at Bronze Art Foundry               Pouring the bronze January 2013

Bronze Art Foundry on Dublin’s Gaelic Street is in a state of constant activity. Hammering, welding, sanding, polishing, and pouring to produce some of the most illustrious and stunning pieces in the country. From the 20 foot to 3 inches tall, each sculpture is painstakingly created. This is where the artist has to release his or her “baby” to the mercy of David, Ciaran and all the crew at Bronze Art Foundry.  At a certain point the artist can do no more.

In Arkle’s case, Emma had created a 1/4 scale wax version of the statue, then moulded a full size clay version of the statue and then had a rubber and resin mould made. The mould was not a single piece, rather it consisted of approximately 10 parts. These parts were taken to Bronze Art Foundry and there Emma had to let go and place her trust in the team there.

That wasn’t as easy as it sounds. “It was the first time I’ve used this foundry and I must admit I was nervous”, Emma explained. “I always am when I have to hand my work over to someone else but I have to say I’m absolutely delighted with how the statue has turned out. The people here really are marvellous and nothing is too much trouble. We certainly made the right decision.”

The statue of Arkle and Pat Taaffe was created using the Lost Wax process. Click here to find out more.