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Tim Austen

This project was a first for award-winning landscape architect Tim Austen. A rookie to racing Tim admits that Arkle had been nothing more than a familiar word until this project began and now he hears and sees the name everywhere he turns (just wait until Cheltenham starts!).

Tim Austen Arkle Lanscape Design

Tim has described this as a “labour of love” and the effort he has put into each and every step of the process demonstrates this unquestionably. On hand at all times to supervise proceedings, the site development could not have a more qualified keeper.s unless that is exactly where they should be. Tim worked hard to ensure that the Arkle site would meet

all manner of requirements. Firstly, as a town centre site, it would be called upon to serve any number of purposes. It must be accessible to all, it must be attractive, safe, comfortable, easy to navigate, capable of withstanding footfall and to retain its charm throughout the year and the seasons. Primarily, of course, its job is to provide a home for the statue, complimenting, accentuating and applauding it, all the while providing a non-intrusive backdrop that is beautiful in its own right. No mean feat.

From success at Bloom to television appearances, Tim’s qualifications need no verification and the design for the Arkle statue will only confirm this.

Find out more at and www.austenassociates.ieĀ